The Architecture of Robert Adam(1728-1792)

Robert Adam's Castle Style

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Airthrey Castle

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About this project
The focus of this study is a building by the Scottish architect Robert Adam (1728-1792). The building is the Airthrey Castle near Stirling in Scotland, built between 1790 and 1794 and forming part of Stirling University Campus.

What can be derived from the project?
This project touches on a number of topics that may be of interest for life-long learning. Coming at the end the eighteenth century, **

Airthrey Castle as designed was an architypal Adam country house in the mature Castle Style. Unfortunately the client cut Adam out of the building phase, and so the building was never supervised by him, and elements were Poetic and powerful statement.

What should we keep, what should we save?

Main features
The project consists of linked web-pages and a multi-media catalogue, that together present, examine and explain the historical and art-history context of Airthrey Castle.
These pages include many illustrations, including digitised copies of the original drawings and images generated from accurate 3D computer reconstructions along with a detailed photographic reord of what still exists. The multimedia catalogue, a resource that continues to grow, links the building into the larger picture of the Architecture of Robert Adam.

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Multimedia Catalogue


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