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Scotland and the Antarctic

Section 5: Voyage of the Scotia ... To Buenos Aires and back

Return to the Antarctic

Scotia was back in Port Stanley after nine days' sailing and stayed for ten days, packing and sending home collections and making land and water excursions.

The Falkland Islands consist of 900 islands, and in 1904 around 2,000 people were living in Port Stanley. The expedition thought the Falkland Islands very like Scotland, although the fauna and flora were very different.

'Vast areas of undulating moorland interspersed with peatbogs and swamps.'

Huge kelp (seaweed) was found growing to six to nine metres (20-30 feet) in length. Five ships were being repaired after damage on rounding Cape Horn. Further specimens were collected and crated for passage home.

After another voyage of nine days, Scotia returned to the South Orkney Islands, entering Jessie Bay and anchoring in Uruguay Cove on 13 February 1904. A week was spent unloading stores and making a new roof for Omond House out of timber brought from Argentina. The Argentinian party were also to build another hut at Scotia Bay. They arrived with their own flag, stamps and a postmark, 'Orcadas del Sud Distrito 24'.

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