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The Character Statues

Knight Templar

Found on the east facade of the Scott Monument, opposite Ivanhoe, beside the Museum room window.

The Knight Templar (from the novel 'Ivanhoe', 1819), is depicted in a full suit of armour under his cloak, his right arm across his chest wields a semi-circular axe, his left is supporting a shield with a raven on.

Brian de Bois-Guilbert, commander of the order of Knights-Templars, is the complex, tortured villain of the novel. According to Ivanhoe's father Cedric, he is "valiant as the bravest of his order; but stained with their usual vices - pride, arrogance, cruelty, and voluptuousness; a hard-hearted man, who knows neither fear of earth nor awe of Heaven".

Bois-Guilbert becomes infatuated with the beautiful Rebecca, fails to win her heart, and dies in combat against, but not killed by, Ivanhoe. "Unscathed by the lance of his enemy, he had died a victim to the violence of his own contending passions."

About the Sculptor

William Birnie Rhind (1853 to 1933)

W.B. Rhind was born and died in Edinburgh. He was the son of John Rhind (sculptor of several of the other statues on the Monument, see Ivanhoe) and studied under him before enrolling at the Edinburgh School of Design under Hodder. He spent five years at the RSA (Royal Scottish Academy) Life School.

He carved portraits, decorative and memorial groups as well as busts and figures.

He was elected ARSA (Associate of the Royal Scottish Academy) in 1893, and RSA in 1905.

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