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The Character Statues

Julia Mannering

Found on the west facade of the Scott monument.

Julia Mannering (from the novel 'Guy Mannering', 1815) is shown gazing wistfully into the distance, dressed in a flowing gown which is wrapped tightly around her, with her hands clasped in front.

The daughter of Colonel Guy Mannering, Julia is pretty and accomplished, and is loved by Vanbeest Brown, a young man who has fallen foul of her father due to a misunderstanding.

Julia, one of the colonel's friends tells him, "has a quick and lively imagination, and keen feelings, which are apt to exaggerate both the good and evil they find in life. She is a charming girl, however, as generous and spirited as she is lovely."

Strains in her relationship with her father, exacerbated by his having wounded Brown in a duel, are eased when Brown is revealed as Harry Bertram, long lost heir of the estate of Ellangowan, and he and Julia are married.

About the Sculptor

George Webster (1864 to 1907)

George Webster was born in Edinburgh. He was a painter and sculptor of busts and portrait medallions, often in marble.

He was a prolific worker and his exhibits include ‘Queen Victoria’ (1903), ‘Charles Dickens’ (1871), ‘William McTaggart’ (1874), all at the Royal Scottish Academy.

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