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The Character Statues

Flora MacIvor

Found is on the lower tier of the North East Buttress of the Scott Monument.

Flora MacIvor (from the novel 'Waverley', 1814) is depicted in a quilted dress and bodice while holding a “white cockade” which she makes in the novel.

Flora MacIvor is the beautiful sister of Fergus MacIvor, "early education had impressed upon her mind…the most devoted attachment to the exiled family of Stewart". Her loyalty "as it exceeded her brother's in fanaticism, excelled it also in purity", since it is untainted by self-interest and ambition. Edward Waverley becomes infatuated with her, especially after her appearance playing the harp beside a Highland waterfall. But Flora, though conscious of his charms, rejects his suit, knowing that her friend Rose Bradwardine loves him and that he, unconsciously, loves Rose. After the failure of the 1745 Rising, Flora retires to a French convent.

About the Sculptor

John Hutchinson (1833 to 1910)

Born at Laurieston, Edinburgh, Hutchinson served an apprenticeship with a wood carver along with Robert Scott Lauder. He studied at the Trustees Academy in 1848 and in Rome in c.1849. He sculpted portrait figures in bronze, marble and wood.

“He blended a national vigour and realistic propriety with a feeling for the chaste purity of the classical ideal”

(From the Dictionary of Scottish Art and Architecture.)

Other works include a colossal John Knox for the quadrangle of New College, and the Adam Black monument in Princes Street both in Edinburgh. He has works in the National Gallery of Scotland and the Scottish National Portrait Gallery.

Also on the Scott Monument - The Glee Maiden, Baron Bradwardine and Fiona MacIvor.

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