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The Character Statues

Dirk Hatteraick

Found on the west facade of the Scott Monument.

Dirk Hatteraick (from the novel 'Guy Mannering', 1815) is shown as ‘an old sea-dog’, gruff-looking yet jaunty, with a prodigious moustache, loose long cravat and wearing a knitted bonnet. He has a curved sword and high boots.

A noted smuggler, "half Manks, half Dutchman, half devil", Dirk Hatteraick is "the terror of all the excise and custom house cruisers". A seafarer with "a countenance bronzed by a thousand conflicts with the north-east wind… his frame prodigiously muscular, strong, and thickset", he has none of the "careless frolicsome jollity" of a sailor on shore, but wears a constant "surly and even savage scowl".

He is an associate of Meg Merrilies, who eventually reveals his involvement in the murder of an exciseman and the kidnapping of the lost heir of Ellangowan, Harry Bertram. Imprisoned years later, Hatteraick takes terrible vengeance on his former accomplice, the devious lawyer Gilbert Glossin, strangling him when the latter foolishly bribes the jailer into letting him into his cell on a visit.

About the Sculptor

William Birnie Rhind (1853 to 1933)

W.B. Rhind was born and died in Edinburgh. He was the son of John Rhind (sculptor of several of the other statues on the Monument, see Ivanhoe) and studied under him before enrolling at the Edinburgh School of Design under Hodder. He spent five years at the RSA (Royal Scottish Academy) Life School.

He carved portraits, decorative and memorial groups as well as busts and figures.

He was elected ARSA (Associate of the Royal Scottish Academy) in 1893, and RSA in 1905.

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