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The Character Statues

Baron Bradwardine

Found on on the upper tier of the North west buttress of the Scott Monument.

Baron Bradwarine (from the novel 'Waverley', 1814) is depicted ‘taking snuff while discoursing on a congenial topic’. ‘He was dressed carelessly, and more like a Frenchman than an Englishman of the period... he bore some resemblance to a Swiss officer of the Guards...’ He is wearing a lace trimmed gentlemans frockcoat, a tricorn hat and knee length boots.

Cosmo Comyne Bradwardine, Baron of Bardwardine and Tully-Veolan, is father of Rose Bradwardine and "the very model of the old Scottish cavalier, with all his excellencies and peculiarities". "He was a tall, thin, athletic figure, old indeed and grey-haired, but with every muscle rendered as tough as whipcord by constant exercise".

Bred to the law, and "out" in the Rising of 1715, he combines convoluted Latin legal phrases and "the military pride of the soldier" with "the prejudices of ancient birth and Jacobite politics". After the Battle of Prestonpans, he insists on performing, with great dignity and sense of history, the ludicrous ceremony of the removing of Prince Charles Edward Stewart's boot. After Culloden he is forced into hiding, but is eventually rehabilitated in his house at Tully-Veolan.

About the Sculptor

John Hutchinson (1833 to 1910)

Born at Laurieston, Edinburgh, Hutchinson served an apprenticeship with a wood carver along with Robert Scott Lauder. He studied at the Trustees Academy in 1848 and in Rome in c.1849. He sculpted portrait figures in bronze, marble and wood.

“He blended a national vigour and realistic propriety with a feeling for the chaste purity of the classical ideal”

(From the Dictionary of Scottish Art and Architecture.)

Other works include a colossal John Knox for the quadrangle of New College, and the Adam Black monument in Princes Street both in Edinburgh. He has works in the National Gallery of Scotland and the Scottish National Portrait Gallery.

Also on the Scott Monument - The Glee Maiden, Baron Bradwardine and Flora MacIvor.

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