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Scotland and the Antarctic

Section 8: Appendix

World history during the heroic age of Antarctic exploration

The exploration of the Arctic and Antarctic were taking place in a world very different from today. Here are a few of the events of the heroic age.

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The 1890s
Klondike gold rush
Forth rail bridge opened
Zip fastener invented
Keir Hardie elected as the first Socialist MP
Electric chair first used
US 7th Cavalry kill 153 Minnconjou Sioux at Wounded Knee
Tchaikovsky dies
First ascent of Mount Kenya made by Mackinder
Herman Melville - author of Moby Dick - dies
X-rays discovered
Olympic Games revived after 1,500 years
Boer War
First flight of the Zeppelin airship
Allies march on Peking (Beijing)
Coca-Cola arrives in Britain
First Nobel prizes
First aircraft flight made by the Wright brothers
Queen Victoria dies
Women's suffrage movement
Boy Scout movement founded by Baden Powell
London hosts the Olympic Games
Trans-Siberian Railway completed
San Francisco earthquake
Albert Einstein publishes his theory of relativity
Peary reaches the North Pole
Amundsen reaches the South Pole
Titanic hits iceberg and sinks
The Ford Model-T becomes the first assembly-line car
First world war, 1914-18
Lusitania sunk
Battle of the Falkland Islands
Revolution in Russia
Spanish influenza claims more lives than the first world war
British Summer Time introduced
League of Nations formed
Ernest Rutherford splits the atom
Prohibition in USA - sale and consumption of alcohol is banned

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