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Scotland and the Antarctic

Section 8: Appendix

Antarctic Ships 1768 - 1917

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Date Ship Captain or expedition leader Type Tonnage Notes
1768-1771 Endeavour Captain Cook Barque 366 Built as a collier, wide beam, shallow draught. Circumnavigation Antarctica.
1819 Williams William Smith Brig   Whaler: discovered the South Shetland Islands.
1819-1821 Vostok

Thadeus Bellingshausen Sloop 500

Circumnavigation of Antarctica. (Russia not back in the south until the 1950s)
1821 Dove

James Monroe
George Powell

Nathaniel Palmer

  Joint discovery of South Orkney Islands.
1822-24 Jane

James Weddell Brig


Furthest South at the time: 7415'S in the Weddell Sea. Almost 100 years before another ship reached so far South in the Weddell Sea, although Bruce came within a few miles.
1830-32 Tula

John Biscoe Brig

  Financed by the Enderby brothers. Discovered Enderby Land. First sighting of eastern Antarctic. Lively lost in Antarctic.
1835-1842 Vincennes John Wilkes Six ships   Discovered Wilkes Land.
1837-1840 Astrolabe

Dumont d'Urville Two brigs   Surveyed part of the Antarctic Peninsula. Discovered Terre Adelie. Brought back large natural history collection.
1839-1843 Erebus

James C Ross Two bomb ketches 372

Explored area of Ross Sea.. Discovered transantarctic mountains, two active volcanoes. Both ships survived a serious collision. Both later lost in the Arctic.
1872-76 Challenger George Nares Corvette 1500 First steamship to cross the Antarctic Circle. First world oceanographic expedition.
1892-93 Balaena Captain Fairweather Barque 417 Took Bruce to the Antarctic (with whalers Active, Diana and Pole Star).
1894-95 Antarctic

Captain Kristensen

Captain Carl Larsen

226 Whaling expedition. Met the Dundee whaling expedition in the Antarctic. Used by Nansen. First crossing of Greenland.
1897-99 Belgica Captain Adrien Gerlech Barque 244 First to overwinter in the Antarctic. Roald Amundsen was aboard as mate.
1898-1900 Southern Cross Carsten Borchgrevink Barque 521 British expedition. First party to overwinter at Cape Adare, Victoria Land.
1901-03 Discovery Captain Robert F Scott Barque 485 Built in Dundee. Used for oceanographic survey, 1925. Now at Discovery Point, Dundee.
1901-03 Gauss Erich von Drygalski Schooner 721 Discovered Wilhelm II Land. Beset in the ice for many months.
1901-03 Antarctic Otto Nordenskjold

Captain Carl Larsen
Barque 226 Beset and sunk in the Weddell Sea. Three separate parties over-wintered. All rescued by Argentinian ship Uruguay. Larsen set up whaling base on South Georgia.
1902-04 Scotia William Speirs Bruce Barque 400 Was originally the Norwegian whaler Hekla. Scottish National Antarctic Expedition.
1903-05 Francais Jean Charcot Barque   Explored area west of Antarctic Peninsula.
1907-09 Nimrod Ernest Shackleton Barquentine 200 Land journey made to within 160km (100 miles) of South Pole.
1908-1910 Pourquoi Pas? Jean Charcot Barquentine   Lost off Iceland in 1934 with Charcot aboard.
1910-11 Fram Roald Amundsen Schooner 402 Built for Nansen's drift in the Arctic, fitted with diesel engine in 1910, now in Oslo.
1910-12 Terra Nova Captain Robert F Scott Barque 749 Jackson-Harmsworth expedition, 1893-96, relief of Discovery 1903, second Scott expedition 1910. Sank 1943.
1914-17 Endurance Ernest Shackleton Barque 350 Transantarctic expedition. Beset in ice and sunk. Ship's boats to Elephant Island. One boat to South Georgia.
1914-17 Aurora Captain Aeneas Macintosh Barquentine 386 Mawson expedition, 1911-14. Landed Shackleton's Ross Sea party and later rescued them.

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