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Scotland and the Antarctic

Section 6: After the Scotia expedition

Chronology from 1904 to 1924

1904 21 July - the return of Scotia
Bruce awarded gold medal of RSGS
1905 Mossman returns from South Orkney Islands
Scotia sold for 5019, 0s, 9d
Bruce attended polar conference at Mons
1906 Prince Charles Foreland - Princess Alice - quatercentenary Aberdeen University
Bruce awarded honorary degree (LLD) at Aberdeen University
Bruce attended polar conference in Brussels and Arctic exhibition in Marseilles
1907 Scottish oceanographic laboratory opened
Bruce surveying on Prince Charles Foreland
Bruce lectures to the Royal Geographic Society
1908 Preliminary plans for the second Antarctic expedition
Bruce's Antarctic exhibition in Edinburgh
1909 Bruce on a Spitsbergen expedition
Final plans for second Antarctic expedition
Patrons' medal of the Royal Geographic Society
3,000 from government for Scotia reports
1910 Musee Oceanographique opened in Monte Carlo by the Prince of Monaco - Bruce present as a guest
1911 Oceanographic Iinstitute in Paris opened by the Prince of Monaco
Bruce's Antarctic exhibition in Glasgow
Bruce's book on polar exploration published
Bruce receives the Neil prize and gold medal of the Royal Society of Edinburgh
Narrative and log of Scotia ready for publishers
1912 Bruce surveying in Spitsbergen
1913 News of Scott's expedition disaster
Ten-day Antarctic exhibition with Burn Murdoch to raise funds for dependants of the Scott expedition
Map of Prince Charles Foreland printed by the Prince of Monaco - much of the surveying by Bruce
Scotia to Labrador - ice patrol
Bruce attends polar conference in Rome
1914 Bruce surveying Prince Charles Foreland and Stor Fiord, Spitsbergen
1915 Whaling manager in Seychelles - using 75-ton schooner with diesel engine
1916 Working for the Admiralty updating sailing directions for the Antarctic
Scotia wrecked on Sully Islands, south Wales
1917 Bruce gave evening lectures on general geography at Heriot-Watt College
1919 Volumes 2-6 of Scotia reports published
Bruce turned down lectureship at Aberdeen University
Prospecting in Spitsbergen
1920 Bruce to Spitsbergen as a passenger - not well
David Livingstone Memorial medal of the Hispanic Society of America
1921 28 October - Bruce died
1923 Bruce's ashes scattered 54S 36 W
1924 Biography of Bruce published
1992 Log of the Scotia published

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The wreck of the Scotia

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