Somerled - 'King' of the Isles

Fight for control

The Isle of Man is an important asset. You need it if you are to unite the Isles together as a super-power of the Gaelic west.

Chesspiece with a sword and shield
intro and mission

Leave him to it

Godfrey is young and of little threat to you. He will soon come around to your way of thinking, and you don't wish to lose any of your men in a pointless battle.

Strike a deal

Offer him limited rule with you as overlord. With your experience this is surely a good option for both of you.

How shall you deal with the heir to the throne of Man?

Which card will you play?

Attack card
Luck card
scenario 1
scenario 2
scenario 3 selected
the facts
scenario 5
scenario 4
Alliance Card