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The Burgess - Making money in the burgh

Interested in making money?

No wonder. You're surrounded by all these stalls laden with fish, wool and leather. There are merchants here, or burgesses as they are known, selling luxury goods too, like fine wines and delicate cloth.

Market scene
Market scene based on archaeological finds at St John's Kirk, Perth.
Your Location
Your Mission

bullet pointBecome a burgess and do some trading at the local market.

bullet pointIncrease your profits by selling luxuries to the wealthiest people in town.

bullet pointRaise your profile and become one of the most powerful and respected members of the burgh.

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You are Adam le Vilure. You live in the burgh of Berwick on the south east coast – one of the richest market towns in the kingdom.

It is market day and everyone has gathered to buy and sell goods.

The year is 1290.

Adam Le Vilure

If you play your cards right, you will become a wealthy and respected burgess in the burgh.

Map showing Berwick
Map showing Berwick on the east coast of Scotland, well-placed for trade with Europe.