The Films of Scotland Documentaries
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The main sources for the original material in "The Films of Scotland Documentaries" were the Grierson Archive at Stirling University, the Scottish Film Archive (now the Scottish Screen Archive), and the Scottish Central Film and Video Library (now defunct). Between them, these last two institutions held virtually all the surviving non-fiction films produced in Scotland since 1897. The Scottish Screen Archive holds over 7000 titles, comprising documentary film, newsreels, shorts, advertising and promotional films, amateur and professional productions, television news material, current affairs and educational programmes. It also holds a wide range of written and graphic materials concerned with the development of Scottish cinema and television. The Scottish Central Film and Video Library's collection dated from the 1950s, and was dominated by the films produced by the Films of Scotland Committee.

Film Availability

All of the documentaries, in a variety of formats, are now held in the Scottish Screen Archive, Dowanhill, 74 Crescent Road, Glasgow G12 9JN. A number of the films can be hired, but some are currently only available for viewing in the Archive

Original Documentation

The Scottish Screen Archive also holds original documentation on the Committee's operation and production, and further documentation is held at the Grierson Archive in Stirling.
Author: Richard Butt Images are drawn from the SCRAN database.