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Carmichael Family members

Unfortunately, Catherine Carmichael died of typhoid on 1 August 1894 at the Hydropathic Cottages. However, in 1897, Henry remarried. Henry and his new wife Mary Comrie were to have two children, Euphemia and John. This brought the family total to fifteen.

Robert and Mary Carmichael
Henry Carmichael and his large family lived well at Craiglockhart Hydropathic. The work was hard and physical but Henry was a keen gardener and had a good relationship with the owner, after whom he named his thirteenth child, Elizabeth Bell Carmichael. Gardening was in the Carmichael blood and several of Henry's sons went on to become gardeners also. Robert, the fourth of Henry's children would in turn become Head Gardener at the Hydropathic on his father's retiral; Archibald was a gardener at Craiglockhart House, which was situated a short distance north of the Hydropathic. Alexander and George were also professional gardeners who served their apprenticeships at Holyrood Palace in Edinburgh. Alexander went on at a later date to assist his brother Robert in the gardens at Craiglockhart.

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