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Two weeks after Sassoon's arrival, Wilfred Owen plucked up enough courage to introduce himself to the older poet. Although he did not tell Sassoon immediately that he too was a poet. On discovering that his young friend wrote poetry, Sassoon encouraged his writing, introduced him to some of his literary friends and helped him to publish his work. Sassoon provided Owen with the mental stimulus and assurance that would ensure that Owen could perfect his own craft. The poets were at Craiglockhart together for only two and a half months, and would meet almost every day. While the young Owen had been very much in awe of the older poet, the relationship was not one-sided. Sassoon relied very much on Owen's tremendous reserves of calm and sympathy. The time they spent not only resulted in the creation of some of the most well known poetry of the Great War but resulted in Sassoon making the decision to return to combatant duty. Sassoon left Craiglockhart bound for a brief spell of duty in Palestine before returning to his former battalion in France where he was once again wounded.

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