The War Poets - The Artists' Rifles

The 38th Middlesex (Artists') Rifle Volunteers was formed in 1860 by Edward Sterling. At first the regiment largely consisted of painters, sculptors, engravers, musicians, architects and actors. Over the years several outstanding artists served in the regiment including Everett Millais, G F Watts, Frederick Leighton, Holman Hunt and William Morris. On 1 April 1908 the London Regiment (Artists Rifles) was formed in the Territorial Force to encompass 28 existing volunteer battalions in the Greater London and Middlesex region. Wilfred Owen enlisted into the 3/28th London Regiment, and was sent to France on the 1 January 1917. The Artists' Rifle Volunteers were disbanded in 1945, but was combined with other elements to form the 21st Regiment Special Air Service (Volunteers).

During the Great War, the Artists' Rifles Regiment were awarded the following Battle honours:

Ypres 1917; Passchendaele; Somme 1918; St. Quentin; Bapaume 1918; Arras 1918; Ancre 1918; Albert 1918; Drocourt-Quéant; Hindenburg Line; Canal du Nord; Cambrai 1918; Pursuit to Mons; France and Flanders.

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