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Voyage of the Scotia 1902-04

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April 2003

Books about the Scottish National Antarctic Expediction

Scotland and the Antarctic
Book by James A Goodlad produced by the Royal Scottish Geographical Society to celebrate the achievements of William Speirs Bruce and to mark the centenary of the voyage of the Scotia.
Voyage of the Scotia: The Story of Scotland's Forgotten Polar Heroes
Book by R. N. Rudmose Brown et al, published by Mercat Press. This account by one of the members of the expedition tells a story of exploration and research in uncharted polar regions, and is illustrated with dramatic photographs taken on the original expedition.

Geographical Institutes, Associations and Societies

Royal Scottish Geographical Society
Founded in 1884, the RSGS is an educational charity which aims to advance the science of geography and create a greater understanding of the wider world. The RSGS provides support for geographical research and teaching, organises a community programme of illustrated talks throughout Scotland, publishes a journal and newsletter, holds extensive collections of books, journals, maps, photographs and archives, and offers a geographical information service.
Royal Geographical Society
Association of American Geographers
International Geographical Union

Polar Research Institutes, Survey Organisations and Government Agencies


British Antarctic Survey
Scott Polar Research Institute


Belgian Scientific Research Programme on the Antarctic
Institut Polaire Franšais - Paul Emile Victor (IPEV)
Alfred Wegener Institute, Germany
Norsk Polarinstitutt - Norwegian Polar Institute
Arctic and Antarctic Research Institute, Russia
Polarforskningssekretariatets - Swedish Polar Research Secretariat

North and South America

US Antarctic Program
Byrd Polar Research Center
Canadian Polar Commission
Argentine Antarctic Institute
Chilean Antarctic Institute


Australian Antarctic Division
New Zealand Antarctic Institute


Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research

Educational resources

British Antarctic Survey - Information for Schools
Australian Antarctic Division - Classroom Antarctica
Polar Pointers


Antarctica Online
The Antarctican
Cool Antarctica
Antarctic Exploration: History of the Pursuit of the South Pole

Glasgow Digital Library Voyage of the Scotia BRUCE PEOPLE SHIP ANTARCTIC INDEX