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Voyage of the Scotia 1902-04

Contacts and Credits

February 2003

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Research:Kerr Jamieson
Educational material:James A Goodlad
Design and implementation:Alan Dawson
Text editing:Jane Barton and Dave Hewitt
Image editing:George Macgregor
Source materials:Royal Scottish Geographical Society
Digitisation of lantern slides:University of Strathclyde Learning Services
Funding:RLS     Resources for Learning in Scotland
Source of RLS funding:RLS     New Opportunites Fund
Funding for Glasgow Digital Library:RSLP

Production notes

Images for the main body of the website were created as 300dpi TIFF files for submission to RLS, then converted to JPG files for web access. Text was entered into an Access database for submission to RLS, then combined with images to generate web pages and metadata automatically using Visual Basic.

Text and images for the educational material (Scotland and the Antarctic) were supplied on zip disks as 122 separate files in Pagemaker 4 format for Macintosh. These were converted to PDF by University of Strathclyde Learning Services, which was converted into a single structured Word document and multiple individual image files at CDLR. Consistent use of Word styles enabled automatic conversion to concise XHTML using Word macros, and the resulting XHTML file was parsed and loaded into suitable tables and fields of an Access database using Visual Basic. The entire website for Scotland and the Antarctic (other than the home page and this document) was generated automatically from Access using Visual Basic, with stylesheets controlling formatting. Finally the Access database was loaded into SQL Server for searching. Links to images, index entries and metadata fields were added manually to the Word document as hidden styles but handled automatically thereafter.

Glasgow Digital Library Voyage of the Scotia BRUCE PEOPLE SHIP ANTARCTIC INDEX