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Grid Reference : NR 833 968 Glossary
Peiod : 2nd millennium BC Bibliography

Dunchraigaig image

A large cairn built with water-worn stones from the valley floor, in the archaeologically rich Kilmartin Valley (Argyll).
It is 30m in diameter and 2.5m high. There are three cists, two of them still visible.
The largest cist at the south-east of the cairn (seen in the photo) is unusually boulder-walled. It measures 2.6m x 1m x 1m and is covered by a massive slab 3.8m long.
The site was excavated three times, most recently in 1929. All the three cists contained remains of cremated bones.
Not far to the south, are the two impressive alignements of Ballymeanoch standing stones.
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