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District : Argyll & Bute Map
Town or village : Kilmartin List
Grid Reference : NR 833 964 Glossary
Period : 2nd millennium BC Bibliography

Ballymeanoch image

These two almost parallel alignments of six impressive standing stones are 41m away from each other in the archaeologically rich Kilmartin Valley (Argyll), not far from Dunchraigaig cairn. They are aligned approximately NW-SE.
The two uprights in the background are 3m and 2.7m high.
The four stones in the foreground are graded in height from 4.1m to 2.75m. The two middle ones bear cup-and-ring markings (in the photo they are clearly visible on the second stone from the left, which has at least 70 plain cupmarks and a dozen cup-and-rings).
Near the two-stone setting there was a seventh outlying pillar with a hole through its centre, which was probably at least partially man-made. Its shattered remains are now in the drain close to the nearby kerb-cairn, 30 m north-east.
About 130m SSW of the standing stones there is also a henge.
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