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John MacDonald - First Lord of the Isles
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Cast of a seal impression


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Edward Balliol in power. Cast of a seal impression of the Great Seal of Edward Balliol, dating from 1332.

Your father is Aonghas Og. His support of Robert the Bruce at the Battle of Bannockburn won favour with the Scottish political community. For many years, your family has enjoyed a relatively peaceful existence, with little threat from the kingdom of the Scots.

However, the death of Robert the Bruce (who had become King Robert I) last year marked the end of this harmonious period. As Bruce's son David was too young to succeed him, a contender by the name of Edward Balliol took the throne. Edward is the son of John Balliol, Robert the Bruce's rival. Balliol has the support of many influential nobles, your position is therefore under threat.

Robert the Bruce
A Scottish national hero. Statue of Robert the Bruce, Bannockburn.