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James 1 - The 'law giver' king
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As far as you can see, little or no attempt has been made at securing your release. Your uncle, Albany, was an ambitious and callous governer. He ruled Scotland as if he was monarch, signing charters and living like a king. In your opinion, he has failed to govern effectively. You are furious!

Since his death in 1420, Albany's son Murdoch has held the reins of power. The opinion of the political community is that he is a complete incompetant. Use this to your advantage.

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Bar chart showing taxes to the Crown
Evidence of the change and decline in revenue for the Crown from Scottish exports, 1327-1431.
Great Hall of Doune Castle
Great Seal of the Duke of Albany
The Duke of Albany in power. The great hall of Doune Castle, where the Duke of Albany would have governed and entertained.
The Albany power inherited. Cast of a seal impression from the Great Seal of Murdoch, son of the Duke of Albany. Great Seals were mainly used on grants for land.
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