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James 1 - The 'law giver' king

Breath of fresh 'heir'

Murdoch is not as dominating as his father. He will surely recognise your position as heir to the throne and appeal to King Henry V of England for your release.

Portrait of James I
intro and mission

Double crossing over the border

You do not trust the Albany family as far as you could catapult them. However, Murdoch has inherited the authority of governor. Get in touch with him and promise that he will receive your favour if you are released.

All for vengeance

Strike an alliance with King Henry V of England. If he releases you, you will return to Scotland and operate as a vassal king under his rule. You will then surrender all influential nobility to him – this includes the Albany family.

First of all you must secure your release from captivity in England. What are you going to do?

Which card will you play?

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