Haakon IV – Norway's last stand

We are now going to step into another place and another time. A competitive world of treachery, change and very strong gales! Not so different from now? Let's find out...

Illustration of a Norseman
Your Location

It is 1020. You are Thorfinn, son of Sigurd, Earl of Orkney.

You are at your home in Caithness. Outside the wind is picking up. Inside your ambitions are beginning to rise. By birthright and the ancient odal tradition, you have a claim to your father's title.

Your Mission

bullet pointClaim your rightful position as Earl of Orkney

bullet pointRaid and conquer more land in the tradition of your forefathers

bullet pointDo whatever it takes to secure your title

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image of playing cards

You have many rivals. Play your cards very wisely indeed.

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scenario 4
Reconstruction of a Viking hall based on evidence from an excavation, Trellebourg, Denmark.