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Earl Thorfinn  Baptism of a pagan
intro and mission

Over the past few years, you've fought off rival claimants gaining lands and acclaim in the process. You are known to many as 'Thorfinn the Mighty'.

You've raided and plundered your way down the western seaboard, yielded many treasures and taken many lives. You really have a natural flair for the Viking way!

Whilst you were out following the path of your forefathers, Christianity has been gradually spreading throughout the north. You, like your ancestors, are pagan. But times are changing.

Another worry is that Harald Hardradi is now on Norway's throne. He could be a threat to your power. However, you are distantly related through your marriage to Ingebjorg.

the facts
Description of a ritual murder from the Orkneyinga Saga. Part of the pagan tradition was a ritual sacrifice to the Norse gods.
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Evidence of raiding and settlement in the Western Isles. Richly decorated sword hilt, from a 9th or 10th century pagan burial on Eigg.