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James II - A marriage of convenience

Murder. Bloodshed. Treason. You are about to see through the eyes of James II of Scotland as he takes his position on the blood-stained throne of his father.

James II
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image of playing cardsYou have a set of playing cards that may help you to make a decision.

Play each card wisely, you can trust nobody.

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It is 1448. You are in the royal chambers at Edinburgh Castle. It was your 18th birthday yesterday. You have come of age to take the throne.

Tell those minstrels to stop playing, you have a headache and as the new king, you have much to think about!

As King, you need a queen!

Secure strong European links for trade to boost Scotland's economy and wealth.

Secure the Stewart throne both in Europe and within the political community in Scotland. It has for a time been unstable.