Playbills of the Theatre Royal Edinburgh

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Playbills from Edinburgh’s Theatre Royal

Welcome to the website where you can find out what was happening in Edinburgh’s Theatre Royal at the start of the nineteenth century.

The Theatre Royal was extremely important in the revival of Scottish culture during this period, and is often associated with popular stage adaptations of novels by Sir Walter Scott. We have digitised a selection of over 240 playbills, which were used to advertise performances and events, using originals in the collection of the National Library of Scotland.

Playbill for Theatre Royal EdinburghPlaybill for the Theatre Royal Edinburgh
Search or browse the playbills to see who performed in a particular play or which musical events were scheduled for the same night. We provide a list of further reading and added links to living theatres in Scotland today. Please contact the National Library of Scotland for information about other playbills or other works in our collections about Scottish theatre

Theatre Royal Edinburgh


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