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For those wishing to find out more about the impacts people have made on Scotland's landscape, there are many other sources of information available on the Internet.

As with all online resources, it is vital to verify that the information provided is accurate and genuine.

The following sites are recommended.

SCRAN is the award winning history and culture web site providing instant access to images, sounds, movies and learning resources. It contains over one million records from museums, galleries and archives.

The National Museums of Scotland show Scotland to the World and the World to Scotland through extensive collections built up over more than two centuries. Displays of the collections can be seen at six sites, and research collections which contribute to our knowledge of the human and natural world are available for study.

Historic Scotland safeguards the nation's built heritage and promotes its understanding and enjoyment. On this web site, there is information on more than 300 properties and scheduled ancient monuments, as well as resources for schools and details on technical conservation and research.

The National Trust for Scotland web site contains useful information about the Trust’s vital conservation work, as well as details to support a visit to places of interest. There are also educational support materials, which support ad develop the school curriculum.

For other resources, try terms like 'crofting and scotland', 'forestry' and scotland' and so on. There is no guarantee you will find what you want, but a search can provide useful results.