John Murdoch Henderson (1902-1972)
The John Murdoch Henderson Music Collection
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Performers: DW: Duncan Wood; DL: David Low; BM: Banish Misfortune;
ASRS: Aberdeen Strathspey and Reel Society.
The tunes performed by ASRS were recorded live at the Cowdray Hall, Aberdeen on May 25th 2002, at a fund raising concert for the upkeep of the James Scott Skinner Memorial, Allenvale Cemetery, Aberdeen.

  • Adam Glen (Air) DL
  • Alexander R Findlay (Hornpipe) DW
  • Because He Was A Bonnie Lad (Pipe Strathspey) DL
  • Bonnie Ann (Pipe March) DL
  • Bonnie Lass O' Bon Accord, The ASRS
  • C. D. Strathspey (Strathspey) BM
  • Cairdin' o't, The (2/4 Country Dance) DW
  • Charles Sutherland (Reel) BM
  • Coilsfield House (Slow Air) DW
  • Donald Morison, Beauly (Reel) DW
  • Donachd Head (Pipe Jig) DL
  • Duchess of Bedford, The (Slow Strathspey) DW
  • Duke of Atholl, The (Strathspey) DW
  • East Neuk o' Fife, The (2/4 Country Dance) DW
  • Fair John's Sister's Wedding (Pipe Jig) DL
  • Fill The Stoup (Reel) DL
  • Flowers of Edinburgh, The (2/4 Country Dance) DW
  • Gavin Greig (Strathspey) DW
  • George I. Taylor (Strathspey) DW
  • Gillan's Reel (Reel) DW
  • Gille Calum (Sword Dance) DL
  • Glengarry's March (Pipe March) DL
  • Go To Berwick Johnnie (Jig) DW
  • Gown and the Apron, The (Jig) DL
  • Greig's "Strathspey" (Pastoral) DW
  • Highland Ketty (6/8 jig) DL
  • House of Skene, The (Slow Air) DW
  • I Lo'oe Nae A Laddie But Ane (Air) DL
  • Iron Man, The ASRS
  • Isle of Skye Militia's March, The (March) BM
  • Jenny Dang the Weaver (2/4 Country Dance) DW
  • J F Dickie's Delight (Slow Strathspey) DW
  • Johnnie Lad (Reel) DL
  • J Scott Skinner, The Strathspey King (Reel) DW
  • Kenny Would Dance With The Maid (Jig) DL
  • Lady Charlotte Campbell (Strathspey) DW
  • Lady Macbeth's Lament, The (Strathspey) DL
  • Lochaber No More (Lament) DL
  • Loch Earn (Reel) DW
  • Loch Ericht Side (Pastoral) DW
  • Loch Riach (March) DW
  • Macpherson's Lament (Quickstep Pipe March) DL
  • Mallard,The (Hornpipe) DW
  • Marquis of Huntly, The (Strathspey) DW
  • Marquis of Huntly's Snuff Mull, The (Pastoral) DW
  • Mason's Apron,The (Reel) DW
  • Miss Edmonston of Muirton (?????) DW
  • Miss Forbes Farewell To Banff (March) DL
  • Miss Graham of Inchbrakie (Slow Air) DW
  • Money in Both Pockets (????) BM
  • Mr Gordon of Hallhead (Strathspey) DW
  • Mr Pringle of Tarwoodlee's Favourite (???) BM
  • Mrs Forbes Leith (Reel) DW
  • Mrs Gordon of Park (Slow Strathspey) DW
  • Mrs Johnston (later called Glen Ogle) DW
  • Mrs Shand, Aberdeen (Strathspey) DW
  • Muir o' Gellan, The (Strathspey) DW
  • New Brig o' Dee, The (2/4 Country Dance) DW
  • North Country Style, The (Reel) DW
  • Pease Stray (Reel) DL
  • Pennan Den (Slow Air) DW
  • Perth Assembly (reel) DW
  • Riches Denied (Pastoral) DW
  • Rob Roy McGregor (Quickstep Pipe March) DL
  • Roslin Castle (Slow Air) DW
  • Scottish Snap, The (Strathspey) DW
  • Sir David Davidson of Cantray, (Reel) BM
  • Speed The Plough, (Reel) DW
  • There Came A Braw Lad To My Daddy's Door (6/8 jig) DL
  • There Was A Lad Was Born In Kyle (2/4 Country Dance) DW
  • Tulach Gorum (Strathspey) DL
  • Urquhart Castle (Slow Strathspey) DW
  • White Cockade, The (2/4 Country Dance) DW
  • Wood Of Fyvie, The (Reel) DL
  • 92nd Highlanders March, The (Pipe March) DL


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