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1937 - 1943

1955 - 1965

1966 - 1974

1975 - 1982

Festival in Edinburgh
Festival in Edinburgh (1955)

Seawards the Great Ships Production still from Seawards the Great Ships (1960)

Heart of Scotland extract
The Heart of Scotland (1962)

County of the Clyde
County of the Clyde (1963).


1955 - 1965


The second Films of Scotland Committee is set up by the Secretary of State for Scotland acting through the Scottish Council (Development and Industry).


Festival in Edinburgh, sponsored by Edinburgh Corporation, is the first film produced by the Committee.


Campbell Harper Films make A Land Lived In and Scotland Dances for the National Trust for Scotland and the Royal Scottish Country Dance Society respectively.


Anglo Scottish Pictures make Enchanted Isles for David MacBrayne Ltd.


From Glasgow Green to Bendigo, sponsored by Templeton Carpets Ltd, is produced by Anglo Scottish Pictures.


Busman's Holiday, Perthshire Panorama, and A Song for Prince Charlie (sponsored by the Drambuie Liqueur Company) are produced.


The Oscar winning Seawards the Great Ships is directed by Hilary Harris.


Ayr From the Auld Brig, and If Only We Had the Space are produced for the Committee.


The Heart of Scotland, produced by Templar Film Studios for the County Council of Stirling, and Bonnets Over the Border, produced by Random Productions for the National Benzole Company.


The Committee produces County of the Clyde, Three Scottish Painters, Beyond the Grampians, and The Big Mill.
1964 Castle and Country is directed by Shirley Cobham of Random Films for the National Trust for Scotland.


The Edinburgh Festival is produced for the Edinburgh Festival Society by Campbell Harper Films. Health of a City is produced for Glasgow Corporation by Templar Film Studios.
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