Sigurd I Stained Glass Window - SMC095

Located at clerestory level in the west wall of the south transept of St Magnus Cathedral is a stained glass depiction of Sigurd I, Earl of Orkney.

Sigurd I 'The Mighty' was the first Earl of Orkney from 874-893. He received the earldom from his brother, Rognvald Earl of Møre. Rognvald had received it from the King of Norway as compensation for the death of his son who had died in battle.

According to the Orkneyinga Saga, Sigurd defeated a Pictish chief, called Maelbrigte Tusk, near Dingwall. While carrying the head of the chief the 'tusk', buck tooth, grazed his leg and he died from blood poisoning. This window is another of Oscar Patterson's creations.

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