Storer Clouston - SMC016
Born 1870 in Cumbernauld and died 1944 in Orkney. Educated at Magdalen College, Oxford. He was a prolific novelist and historian. A plaque dedicated to him is in the presbytery of St Magnus.

Clouston was an expert on Norse Orkney and the Norse Sagas. He wrote many novels, which include 'Vandrad the Viking', 'The Spy in Black', and 'Lunatic at Large'. He edited 'Records of the Earldom in 1914 and wrote 'History of Orkney' in 1932. Clouston wrote numerous papers on Orkney's past and was a founder member of the Orkney Antiquarian Society.

Storer Clouston held many important positions including Sub Commissioner National Service Department (Scotland) Agricultural Section 1917-18, County Councillor for Orphir, and Chairman Orkney Harbours Commissioners 1935.

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