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The SHELF partnership

The information on this web site was compiled as part of the Self-help in Edinburgh, Lothians and Fife digitisation project, part of the Resources for Learning in Scotland (RLS) partnership and funded by the New Opportunities Fund-Digitise programme.

The core SHELF partners are:


The partners are grateful to the many other council departments, independent organisations and individuals who contributed their knowledge, resources, facilities and time to the project team. We extend our thanks to all who helped make SHELF as comprehensive as possible.

The full SHELF dataset comprises 6,600 records and multi-media resources collected during the eighteen months from October 2001. The provenance and copyright information of each individual resource is indicated in the full resource record hosted on RLS. Where images have been obtained by loans from third party organisations, further details can be obtained by cross-referencing copyright holders with locations given in the records and applying to the nearest local studies centre, who should be contacted in the first instance in the case of any inquiry. Errors in attribution, content or factual detail are solely the fault of SHELF and can be notified to

Several strands of the SHELF Project have been gathered together in a set of educational resources available on RLS. These explore different aspects of the projects and link some of the resources. Each educational pathfinder is accompanied by a number of exercises that can be used to test your knowledge of the content. This multi media essay is one of three that attempt to explore some themes in greater depth. The others are Friendly Societies in Edinburgh, the Lothians and Fife and The Free Gardeners of Edinburgh, the Lothians and Fife.

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