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 St Paul's Lodge of Free Gardeners

A List of Free Gardener Lodges

This list was compiled during the SHELF project, mainly from Ian McDougall's book on Scottish Labour Records. The information is not complete and dates are only approximations until further research adds to our knowledge: the records of the Registrar of Friendly Societies held in the National Archives of Scotland would doubtless be worthy of a detailed survey. Many of the lodges are listed year by year in the Edinburgh and Leith Post Office Directories: again a detailed survey would be a worthwhile exercise.

Most of the lodges are known only by name, as they appear in directories or newspaper articles or surviving documents. Others, such as Haddington and Dunfermline have left comprehensive records from which detailed histories can be drawn.

The Orders noted beside each lodge are presented as a guide. Some lodges changed affiliation to secure the best terms for their members. Some lodges never affiliated to any of the Orders.

List of Free Gardener Lodges

Download list as an Excel spreadsheet [41k Free_Gardener_Societies_da.xls]

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