Hunting the Whale: The History of Arctic Whaling from Eastern Scotland

Technology in the 19th century was limited. This made whaling very hard. The men worked in icy Arctic waters around Greenland and northern Canada. It was a tough trade that needed strong ships and hardy men - men who could do dangerous work in difficult conditions. Scotland had such men. For about 160 years they put their lives at risk to bring back to their home ports the riches that a good voyage could provide.

Whaling vessel at Aberdeen Harbour, 1898

The whales

A Chill Reminder: records of the voyages

The Early Years:

Summer in the Arctic

Tools of the Trade:

Alexander Davidson, master of Peterhead whaler 'Alert', 1890

Following the Hunt:

The Rewards

A Dying Trade

Thanks to David Henderson of Dundee Museum Service for providing much of the text for this work.

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