Photograph of Dunbar fisher lass, c1900

Scotland's East Coast Fisheries

Three sections on this web site cover chosen themes from the whole project. The three areas we look at in more depth are:

Silver Darlings: The History of Herring Fishing on the East Coast of Scotland

This is the story of herring fishing on the East Coast of Scotland. It begins with a brief look at the fish itself and moves on to explore the topic of fishing for herring. Finally, it talks about buying the herring and about the curing process. Examining the history of the herring fishing helps shows how important it has been to Scotland.

For Those in Peril: Dangers at Sea for fishermen on the East Coast of Scotland

The sea is a very dangerous place for fishermen. In the past, disasters and loss of life were an accepted part of life in fishing communities. Fishermen have control over some of these dangers, such as the condition of their boats and equipment. However, some that they cannot control, such as the weather and sea conditions. In this case, there are still actions that they can take to avoid or minimise their effects. These will help to ensure that they return safely to shore with their catch.

Hunting the Whale: The History of Arctic Whaling from Eastern Scotland

Technology in the 19th century was limited. This made whaling very hard. The men worked in icy Arctic waters around Greenland and northern Canada. It was a tough trade that needed strong ships and hardy men - men who could do dangerous work in difficult conditions. Scotland had such men. For about 160 years they put their lives at risk to bring back to their home ports the riches that a good voyage could provide.

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