For Those in Peril: Dangers at Sea for fishermen on the East Coast of Scotland

 Fife steam drifter 'Spes Aurea' leaving Yarmouth in a gale, October 1933

The sea is a very dangerous place. Fishermen have always had to face these dangers. In the past, disasters and loss of life were an accepted part of life in fishing communities.

Every year 20 fishermen die at sea. Many more are injured. This shows how high the human cost is of the fish that we eat. For fishermen at sea there are many dangers. They have control over some of these, such as the condition of their boats and equipment. However, there are some dangers that they cannot control, such as the weather and sea conditions. In this case, there are still actions that they can take to avoid or minimise their effects. These will help to ensure that they return safely to shore with their catch.


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