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1960 European Cup Final, Introduction

This game is as fondly remembered by Scottish football fans as any game played by their favoured club sides, or the international team. This final is regarded by many as one of the greatest games of football ever played. By the time the Spanish giants Real Madrid arrived in Glasgow, they had already won four consecutive European Cups. Their opponents, Eintracht Frankfurt had destroyed the Glasgow team Rangers on their route to the final (a remarkable 12-4 on aggregate in the semi-final) and many expected a close game.

Real Madrid won 7-3, with goals from Di Stefano (3) and Puskas (4), and played with such skill and technique that their performance that night has become legendary.

Amongst the massive crowd of 130,000 that night were many future Scottish players and managers, and there can be no doubt this had a strong effect on the development of Scottish football. It is claimed that Celticís victory in the same tournament seven years later only came about because of this game. Real Madrid went on to win a further three European Cups, becoming the most successful team in this competition.

In May 2002, the Spanish team once again faced German opposition, Bayer Leverkusen, in the final of the Champions League competition. The Madrid side won, thanks to a sublime piece of skill by French player Zinedine Zidane who volleyed home from outside the box.

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