Masonic Apron Meeting Walter Scott Uniform of Volunteers Swordcane

Masonic apron which belonged to Robert Burns

This Masonic apron was given to Robert Burns from by Charles Kirkpatrick Sharpe of Hoddam on 12 December 1791. Sharpe was a close friend of Burns, being a violinist and a composer of music and verse. He was also a prominent local Freemason.

During the last quarter of the 18th century, Freemasonry was at the height of its popularity. Burns became a Mason in 1781 and remained involved throughout his life. Many of his most influential connections were made through Freemasonry.

During his time in Edinburgh he frequented the Canongate Kilwinning Lodge and made many important friends there. In 1791, when he moved to Dumfries, Burns became a member of St Andrew's Lodge and he last visited this lodge three months before his death.

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