Burns' portrait, by Taylor The Nasmyth Portrait Burns' portrait (from Nasmyth) Burns at Work Burns Travelling

Framed picture of 'Robert Burns'

Robert Burns , the Scottish Poet, was born in Alloway, on 25th. January 1759 in a small thatched cottage which was built by his father William who was a market gardener. Burns who became a farmer left a legacy of songs, poems and letters became Scotland's greatest poet dying at the early age of 37.

This painting by A.M. Penney, Edinburgh after the style of the famous painting by Alexander Nasmyth is one of many similar copies of the original. This is the one painting of the poet that most people identify the most with the appearance of the poet. It is an icon that appears countless times in literature and material.

In Scotland Burns is more than a literary figure- he is a popular hero whose birthday is celebrated by Scots all around the world. He sprang from country people and his undoubted genius owed nothing to fortune.

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