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Tableau Vivant of Robert Burns' poem "The Cottar's Saturday Night", 1924

A monochrome sepia toned photographic print of the enactment of a scene from the poem featuring Jean Armour Burns Brown as the wife

Jean Armour Burns Brown was the great granddaughter of Robert Burns, descended through Robert Burns junior, the poet's eldest son. From the time she was a young woman she was said to bear an uncanny resemblance to her famous forebear. Because of this she became something of a celebrity in her own right, touring in Scotland and North America.

Here she enacts the role of Mrs Thomson, the cottar's wife in a scene from the poem. This formed the final scene of a dramatic presentation entitled "The Scotland of Robert Burns", five settings for his songs and poems by G W Shirley.

This was put on in the Lyceum Theatre, Dumfries by the Guild of Players in honour of the Burns Federation's visit to the town on the 5th and 6th of September 1924.

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