Statue in Leith Mausoleum, Dumfries Queen Laying Wreath at Mausoleum Burns Statue Unveiling - Dumfries 1882 Burns Statue, Dumfries - Present Day Statue in New York Burns Supper, 1960

'Burns' Mausoleum Dumfries', 1878

A steel plate engraving of the musoleum erected in Robert Burns' memory in St Michael's Churchyard, Dumfries

In the years following his death, Robert Burns' admirers came to believe that his simple grave was an insufficient memorial to the poet. In 1813, John Syme formed a committee and launched an appeal to build a mausoleum in his memory. One of the subscribers was the Prince Regent, later George IV. After a public advertisement, over 50 designs were received and the plans of T F Hunt, a London architect were approved.

Burns Mausoleum became a place of pilgrimage for visitors to Dumfries. This view of the mausoleum is engraved from a painting by J Ramage and was published in "The National Burns".

"The National Burns" , edited by Rev. George Gilfillan was published by William Mackenzie of Glasgow and contained, "The airs of all the songs and an original life of Burns by the editor", it was also illustrated throughout, both by engraved plates and within the text. It was published in 15 parts, costing two shillings each making it an affordable way for people to purchase the complete works of Robert Burns.

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