Robert Burns (Son) Son's Invitation To Father's Funeral Son's Invitation To Mother's Funeral Two of Burns' Sons Great-Granddaughter In Nasmyth Portrait Great-Granddaughter At Alloway Great-Granddaughter With Mother At Dumfries home Great-Granddaughter With Portrait Bust

Framed Photograph of Wm. Nicol Burns & James Glencairn Burns

Robert Burns, Scotland's National Poet was born in Alloway, Ayr on 25th. Jan. 1759 son of a market gardener. As a working farmer he married Jean Armour and had 9 children of whom only 3 survived into adulthood. This was due to the high infant mortality of the time.

This photograph shows the remaining sons taken about the early 1860's. On the left is William Nicol Burns(1791-1872) sitting beside his sole surviving brother James Glencairn Burns(1794-1865). Both brothers died in Cheltenham, England.

Both of these 2 brothers did well for themselves, despite their poverty stricken early background. Both brothers had army careers in India, William becoming a lieutenant colonel while James became a colonel.

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