Red Clydeside: A history of the labour movement in Glasgow 1910-1932


Election address of Emanuel Shinwell, Labour candidate for Govan Fairfield ward, 4 Nov 1919

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Election address of Emanuel Shinwell relating to municipal elections to Glasgow Corporation in 1919. Shinwell, although born and bred in London, was an active participant in the Labour movement and the political life of Glasgow during the period of Red Clydeside.

Emanuel Shinwell was chairman of Glasgow Trades Council between 1916-1919, and in his capacity as leader of the dockers union was also on the executive committee of the Clyde Workers' Committee during the 40 Hours Strike in 1919. Following the events of Bloody Friday in 1919, Shinwell was arrested by the authorities and imprisoned for three months.

Shinwell was elected to parliament in 1922 as Labour MP for Linthlithgow, and served as parliamentary secretary for the Department of Mines in the first Labour government of 1922.