The Team

Editorial Work

Research and Development Team at Queensferry Primary School
Primary Enterprise Project Teacher- Mrs Roshan Weir
Parents and other adults
Joyce Faulkner
Jim McIntosh
Peter Cowlishaw
Project Cordinator

Peter D. Cowlishaw

We would like to thank the following people and organisations for their help and encouragement.  Without them this CD ROM would not have been possible.

Peter Cowlishaw - Web Page Consultant

Tony Van der Kuyl & Ian Fieldhouse of SITC (Scottish Interactive Teachers Centre) - for advice and technical help

Steve Roberts and other members of the SCRAN team - for copyright permissions, editing, technical help and publication and distribution of the CD ROM

The City of Edinburgh Council - for enabling the project to happen in the first place

Messrs Faber & Faber, London - for giving us permission to use "Alas! Poor Queen" by Marion Angus

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