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The John Murdoch Henderson Music Collection
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The Henderson Collection Inventory
An alphabetical list of the collection contents.


A Companion to the Ball Room - Thomas Wilson, 1816 (3rd edition).
Card bound (broken spine) illustrated, collection of tunes with notes on numerous dances, ballroom etiquette and notes on the treatment of musicians.

Caledonian Country Dances - Johnson 1748
Leather bound printed. 100 tunes each with notes on dance steps.

Companion to the Reticule - 1833
Leather bound - 83 Scottish dance tunes arranged for piano forte. Introduction notes and notes on popular dance "The Bumpkin."

Donald MacDonald's Pipe Tune Collection - 1831
David Low discusses the book and plays tunes from MacDonald's Collection.

Flowers of Scottish Melody - J M Henderson, Hard Back copy, limited edition published by the Buchan Heritage Society, 1986.

Flowers of Scottish Melody - J M Henderson, first edition published by JMH, 1935.

Flowers of Scottish Melody - Musician's biographies and notes signed by the author, June, 1935.

Gale's Pocket Companion vol. 2 105 tunes, (not dated) c1800 or earlier.

James Aird's 1st Selection - 1st edition 1787
Also accompanying volume of Aird's collection (150 pieces). Selection from "Most Admired Scottish, Irish and English Airs."

John Wilson No 3 1780
"Banish Fisfortune" play "Money In Both Pockets" from Wilson's No 3.

Johnson's Dancer
A Choice Collection of 200 Favourite Country Dances Vol. IV
Leather bound, printed for J Johnson, Musical Instrument Maker at Ye Harp and Crown, Cheapside, London, 1748. 130 tunes with dance steps.

Manuscript Book
Untitled leather bound collection of hand written music - 67 tunes A note in front cover reads "This work may have been sourced in the 1750s or 1760s if not earlier." Belonged to a John Skinner in 1785.

Music manuscript book (1)
Collection of hand written music by Duncan McKercher of Stronfernon, Alexander Mackay of Islay and John Burns. Copy and printer's notes by JMH.

Music manuscript book (2)
Collection of hand written music with notes by JMH. Ancient Irish Music Collection of Irish tunes reproduced Edward Bunting from original manuscript published c1786. Titles in Irish and English.

Musical Album (The) 1837
Small, leather bound with brass clasp. 76 hand written tunes.

Musical Repository (The) c1800
Small leather bound, copious number of songs.

O'Farrell's Pocket Companion Vols I and II - c1805
A selection (186) of Scotch and Irish tunes adapted for Pipes and Violin. Card and leather bound.

Paterson's Manuscript Book
Original Strathspeys and Reels by James Skinner Paterson 1847 - 1906, Schoolmaster at Rathven, Banffshire. Hand written tunes dedicated to fiddle player James Henry of Macduff. Presented for publication to JMH by J. Paterson Jnr.

Patrick Cuming
An accurate transcription of a selection of tunes from the original, published Edinburgh, 1723.

Piper's Assistant (The) Angus MacKay Edition pre 1847
A collection of 155 tunes scored for the pipes by Angus MacKay (piper to Queen Victoria) and published by Alexander Glen (1801 - 1873), bagpipe maker of West Register Street, Edinburgh 1843. The first 56 pages of the work closely correspond to William Mackay's Complete Tutor for the Great Highland Bagpipe, which was revised by Angus Mackay in 1843. The latest possible date for the work would be 1847, when the publisher's address changed.
David Low discusses the book and plays tunes from MacKay's Piper's Assistant.

Piper's Assistant (The) John McLachlan Edition 1854
A Collection of Marches, Quicksteps, Strathspeys, Reels and Jigs edited by John McLachlan (piper to Neill Malcolm Esq. of Poltalloch) for the Highland Bagpipes and published by Alexander Glen (1801 - 1873), bagpipe maker, Edinburgh, 1854. Includes notes on the pipes, a scale for "The Scotch Piper" and 127 tunes.
David Low discusses the book and plays tunes from McLachlan's Piper's Assistant.
A History of The Pipes from McLachlan's Piper's Assistant.
"Banish Misfortune" play "Miss Edmunston of Muirton" from McLachlan's Piper's Assistant.

Repository of Music - Volume 1 -1822
This small card bound book came into Henderson's hands in 1947. It contains 120 selected English, Scottish and Irish Airs arranged for the German Flute or Violin, engraved by William Hutton and printed and sold by J. Sutherland of Edinburgh, 1822.

Loch Earn (Nathaniel Gow's 2nd Collection, 1788) from Sutherland's Repository of Music.

The Tutor For The Highland Bagpipe, Angus MacKay, 1878
"The Tutor For The Highland Bagpipe" 7th edition, 1878, by Angus MacKay (piper to Queen Victoria) published by David Glen (1853 - 1916, son of Alexander Glen, publisher of The Piper's Assistant) bagpipe maker of Greenside Place, Edinburgh.
David Low discusses the book and plays tunes from Angus MacKay's Tutor.

Unpublished Airs No 4
A collection of original manuscripts - original source so far unknown.
"Banish Misfortune" play "Mr Pringle Of Tarwoodlee's Favourite" from Unpublished Airs No. 4.

Violin Players Pocket Companion
A rare collection of Popular Scottish Music (86 tunes) arranged by James Davie and published by Lewis Smith of Netherkirkgate, Aberdeen.

Walsh's Caledonian Country Dances Books II and IV
Numerous tunes with dance instructions.

Personal Items

Envelope of newspaper cuttings
Revues of Flowers of Scottish Melody; Henderson's Obituary.

Envelope containing photographs
A small collection of Henderson's friends and associates.

Envelope containing concert bills
Posters from three local musical events:
Scotch Music Violin and Piano Competition, 1884. Silver Street Hall, Aberdeen
Grand Evening Concert
, 1931. Public Hall, New Deer, for The Scott Skinner Memorial
Burns Concert, 1932. Learney Hall, Torphins (featuring JMH, violinist).


Album of Gems No 2
Journalisten Waltz
Mozart Allan's Tit Bits for Violin. Collection of popular melodies, light classics.

Chappell's Musical Magazine
Fifty Valses by Charles D' Albert and other popular composers.

Elias Howe Collections No 1 and No IV
Copious collection of popular melodies - published Boston, USA.

Faust Operatic Selection
Sheet music.

Gentlemen's Musical Magazine, 1788
Popular songs collection.

Practical Harmony - Stewart Macpherson - 1907
Musical theory book.

Published Sheet Music
Small collection of popular early 20th century songs and melodies.

Tales of Hoffman
Sheet music.


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