The Films of Scotland Documentaries
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1937 - 1943

1955 - 1965

1966 - 1974

1975 - 1982


Hand of Adam
Edinburgh's New Town in Hand of Adam (1975)



The Crown Room at Edinburgh Castle and the birth of James VI of Scotland in Castle and Capital (1980)


1975 - 1982


Tree Films produce Places... or People: Environmental Improvement in Glasgow for the Department of Environmental Improvement and City of Glasgow District Council.


Murray Grigor directs Prospect of Scotland for the Scottish Council for Development and Industry and Hand of Adam for the Scottish Arts Council.


Edinburgh Film Productions produce The Great Mill Race.


Sidhartha Films produce Kirkcaldy for the Royal Burgh of Kirkcaldy.


Norman MacCaig: A Man in My Position is sponsored by the Scottish Arts Council.


The Spirit of Scotland is produced by IFA (Scotland) on behalf of Long John International.


Mike Alexander directs Castle and Capital for the Scottish Film Production Trust, Lothian Regional Council and Edinburgh District Council.


The Grand Match, directed by Jon Schorstein for the Scottish Film Production Trust, is the last film produced by the Committee.


In April the Films of Scotland Committee was devolved, and the films were transferred to the Scottish Council of Educational Technology who continued to distribute them through the Scottish Council Film and Video Library until 1995. The documentaries are now held in the Scottish Screen Archive.
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