Help Navigating this Site


This website is divided into four sections; Home, History, Themes and the Help section, as shown below.
The majority of the photographs, video files, sound files and information is held in the History and Themes sections. Firstly we will deal with how to navigate the History section.


Once you click on History you will see a screen looking like the one pictured on the right. It shows a timeline split into three sections

1.Events in Collieston (Blue)

2. Events in Great Britain (Red)

3. World events (Sepia)

The events on this particular timeline refer to the decade of the 1900s, at the beginning of the Twentieth Century.

To change the time period we can use the buttons at the top of this screen as pictured below
Also, as well as the timeline, each decade contains a brief history, stories from the village and images, videos and sound files from each time period. These can be accessed using the buttons below the dates, as shown below.
Alternately, if you are interested in a Collieston topic on the timeline, you can access it directly by clicking the title on the timeline, as shown on the left.
The Sound and Vision section, organised by time period, contains all the video, sound and image files relating to the time period. Access is gained by clicking on one of the three titles, audio for sound, stills for photographs and images, and finally, movies contains the videos.
You can click on the thumbnails, video or sound links from within the pages to see larger images, videos or listen to some audio recordings. The image to the left shows a thumbnail (situated below the large image) being "clicked on" to show the larger image.
Alternately you can click on the images throughout the Stories pages to see a larger version. This will transport you to the larger image in the sound and vision section. You can also return to the Stories section by clicking on the "view the story" link below the large image.
The Themes section contains information on recurrent topics fundamental to the culture of Collieston. It is structured much like the Century section, but does not utilise time periods. You can view each section by choosing the appropriate button at the top of the page, as seen below.