The Architecture of Robert Adam(1728-1792)

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Dedicated to Architectural Historian Julian Small (1961-2002).


Sir John Soane's Museum, Margaret Richardson, Stephen Astley, Susan Palmer. I would especially like to thank Stephen Astley for his interest in these essays, encouragement and very kindly providing all kinds information.
RCAHMS, especially Veronical Steel
Prof. Thomas Markus for his interest in the Bridewell reconstruction and helpful comments
Ranald MacInnes at Historic Scotland, especially for his essays on Dalquharran Castle and interest in the Bridewell and other reconstructions.
Dr Luke O'Sullivan, UCL for information on Jeremy Bentham

Tony Ashby - Administrator, Mellerstain House Trust
Johnathan Cardale - Administrator, Culzean Castle, National Trust for Scotland
Dr Bill Wright for his permission to photograph Dalquharran and his interest in the project.
Martin Andrews and the Wemyss & March Estates for permission to photograph Seton Castle. Colin Geddes Historic Scotland for showing me around the building.
Vicki Fisher and Scottish Agricultural College for permission to photograph Robert Adam's Auchincruive Tea House.
Bruce Baillie of Dollar for his interest, notes and loan of books.

I would also like to thank the SCRAN staff for their support, particularly Andrew Freeman.

Sandy Kinghorn
January 2003


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