Acknowledgements continued
We are grateful for the assistance that we have received from the following people:

Mrs June Bryce
The late Dr Peter Carmichael CBE
Dr Alan Carswell at the War Museum, Edinburgh Castle
Edith Philip at the War Museum, Edinburgh Castle
Dr Stuart Lee, Oxford University
Sue Usher, Oxford University
Chris Lowdon
Mrs Joyce MacPherson
Mr Edward Jones
Mrs Marjorie Hall
The Society of the Sacred Heart
Christine Woollett at the Royal Society, London
Peter Cattrell
Pauline Masurel

Bill Styles
Derek Allan
David McCluskey
Alan Shedlock
Fraser McGregor

EF Paul McNulty

Sassoon, Owen and Graves

The history of Craiglockhart
The War's effect on ordinary people
Music, prose and trench art
Pat Barker's trilogy
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